Flat Roofs

While flat roofs are often found on large commercial and industrial buildings, they can often be found on custom homes as well.  If your property or project calls for a flat roof, you must be very cautious about who you hire as your roofing contractor!

While we refer to this type of roof as a flat roof, there actually is a small amount of pitch to the roof.  This is vital to the water properly draining off the roof.  Additionally, as a building ages, settling may cause this subtle pitch to become uneven; creating low spots where water will puddle.  Flat Roof

Due to the lower pitch of a flat roof, water will drain more slowly off it as compared to a heavily pitched roof.  This is especially concerning if you consider that flat roofs often have sky lights, HVAC Units, and other items that protrude into the roof decking.  Improperly sealing these points and not addressing low points in the roof will cause your roof to fail!

These concerns are why it is imperitive that you choose a roofing contractor that has extensive experience with flat roofs.  Trying to simply find the low bidder will almost assuridly result in roof failure and building damage.  We have been in business for almost 30 Years and been doing flat roofs for just about the same amount of time.  For 25 years we have been maintaining our A+ Rating with the Denver Area Better Business Bureau.  We have the knowledge and experience to perform this type of work and the track record to prove it.  We will be standing behind our work long after the low bidders are gone!

This type of roof is very specialized with many different application styles.  We ask that you Contact Us for a free consultation so we can custom tailor a solution to your needs.